Lots of Printmaking Lately

December 20, 2013

I haven’t been posting, sure, but I’ve been busy!
I am currently en route to a Great Scott in Allston to participate in a monthly event called Treat Yo Self presented by Eye Design. There’s bands and food and art and all that stuff. This is the first time I am really putting myself out there as an artist so.. I guess that’s a little nerve wracking.
So I’ve been carving up blocks and printing multiples of old ones, labeling, bagging em etc. I’m organizing and rounding up all kinds of work I made in the last year and making it ready for this night. I even finished up a silkscreen book (my first) and a zine (my first in a decade).
I even got an exihibition coming up at a community space in my neighborhood called the Lilypad. I’ll write more about that later.








Art Sale

August 28, 2013

Hey, i haven’t been showing this blog much love but i’ll save that string of pathetic excuses for another post.  I just wanted to mention that i’ve decided to feature a print or drawing for sale (perhaps on a weekly basis) to help collect funds for future endeavors (i.e. getting into an actual print studio, maybe?), and to clear out some stuff from my studio.  

First up is DOG RIDER.

Now $25, down from $50, for a limited time!




20130326-152031.jpg a couple flyers I drew for friends last week.

Sixty five & Sixty six

March 8, 2013

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Drawing a day, okay. Now I’m caught up.



Fifty six & Fifty seven

February 27, 2013



Twenty one

January 22, 2013


Drawings, Fall 2012

November 12, 2012


Hey, so, here are some drawings i’ve been making lately.  Gonna use one or two or all to get back into making some woodblocks. 

The “Listen to Sabbath” drawing is the only thing i drew and completed when i was living in Budapest for a year.  That was a slow year.


Erica and I are going through a pretty huge studio upheaval.  We’re moving and pushing and stretching and throwing shit and sweating.  I’ve been making peace with getting rid of shit that’s been haunting me from the corners of my sketchbooks and disposing of various other failures.  It feels great.  This is a in part also to give me a wall to work on.  I’ve been happy with stuff in my sketchbooks but nothing i’ve made that’s larger than the size of a xerox has made me very happy.  So I moved my desk and now i got a big ol’ wall to throw some paint/graphite/doo doo at.  I haven’t worked on art standing on my feet since college.  I feel pretty excited.


no, not done

Finished carving this past weekend and printed this today.  Pretty excited about it.  Measures 15x12in, roughly.

Detail of the block while i was carving.