Hey guys.  I haven’t posted much, but that doesn’t mean i haven’t been busy.  Got another silkscreen job lately and did a little experimentation.  In an effort to keep costs down and still make a dynamic image i tried my hand in relying on the transparency of the inks i worked with to give me three colors instead of just two.  I’m happy to say it worked as well i could have hoped!

plus this show’s gonna be pretty rad awesome!

chik out the bands:

CreaturoSheadbandMetal FeathersSkaters






hey, i like making these things and i’m kinda on a roll, so hit me up if you got $$$ and an event coming up in the future (like a month in advance at the least) and we can make some magic happen.


Working With Friends

March 8, 2012

This all might look a little familiar, but I wanted to write a little about where you might have seen of my work lately.

Tonight, in about an hour actually, i’ll be heading over to the Middlesex Lounge in Cambridge, MA, for The Fedavees’ record release.  John asked me for some help with art for their new 7″ single, “Solar Flower”.  I burned a screen of a drawing I posted to my blog about a year or so ago and they took care of the printing.  They’re good dudes that make good rock!

Also, my great friend Will Mayo dug on a woodcut i made a year ago.  So much that he asked if he could use it for the cover of his tape label’s, Slow Blood Music Tapes debut release.  Will’s been grinding out the hits for a couple years under the moniker of Double Awake and this is his first “official” self-release job.

I’m pretty excited to be working with Will on this project.  The official release date of this tape is March 18th.  Double Awake’ll be performing with Time Ghost, Spiritual Recess and Eat Cloud at O’Brien’s Pub in Allston.  I’ve churned out some prints of this particular woodcut and other to have for sale at the event. Come out and get weird!  (And bring the $$$.)

on Sunday, March 13th, i went out Muskat Studios and Brickbottom Artists Association to check out an exhibition, a collection of printmaking work from Poland, Serbia, Slovakia and Hungary.  I got a chance to talk to the project coordinator/curator, Alex Kirillov, who also graduated from MassArt’s printmaking department.  He had received an award and traveled to four major art academies in eastern Europe and collected work from students and faculty with the hope of helping making connections between artists across the world.

so, i really dragged my feet on writing about this show.  it was a little humbling.  the passion matched the technical know-how of the artists i saw at these two galleries.  in some cases, these artists have a pretty difficult time rounding up supplies specific for printmaking.  i have everything i could ask for to make a great body of work.  i still have somerset and rives paper left over from my time at Massart from 6 years ago.

i have to give myself a little credit though.  i’ve put a good dent in that lately.  i spent the next couple weeks after this show working on some woodblocks

oh yeah, sorry about the quality of these images.  you get the idea, though, right?

Erica Anne Wells!

July 20, 2010

Erica holds my hand when we walk down the street.  My hand holder.

Erica tells me to go draw when i say i don’t want to cos the day has worn my down or life has worn me down.

Erica is a fellow collaborator and artist.  we share all kinds of stuff!

She also has a blog that i am now telling you to go to!


She also sells digital prints of her drawings!


She’s a finding machine alright.

She’s found me and she helped me find her!

today i saw this and was humbled.

dan wholey is an amazing songwriter and we run into each other from time to time.

it’s pretty awesome to see this video, a product of a collaboration of about a dozen people; the songwriter, the players, the recording engineers, the videographers, the editors, the guys that made their sandwiches (or whatever they ate), etc.

more than becoming an artist with a name people recognize, i want to be part of a collaboration.  i want to be in a community of folks who work together to get things done.  i don’t want to work hard and step over people to stay alive.  i think that kind of living is shameful.

seeing dan here, together with a team of people to play and record and document is really inspiring.  the look on the faces of everyone as they’re hearing different cuts of the material and seeing satisfaction ooze from behind their eyeballs fills me with envy.  get me some of that ooze.

then i got off my ass and worked on some painting.

more to follow.

(sean donnelly is the credited videographer and the other players are jen dowty, dan shekhtman and mike tucker.  the recording was made in may of 2010 at msr studios in nyc.)