Lots of Printmaking Lately

December 20, 2013

I haven’t been posting, sure, but I’ve been busy!
I am currently en route to a Great Scott in Allston to participate in a monthly event called Treat Yo Self presented by Eye Design. There’s bands and food and art and all that stuff. This is the first time I am really putting myself out there as an artist so.. I guess that’s a little nerve wracking.
So I’ve been carving up blocks and printing multiples of old ones, labeling, bagging em etc. I’m organizing and rounding up all kinds of work I made in the last year and making it ready for this night. I even finished up a silkscreen book (my first) and a zine (my first in a decade).
I even got an exihibition coming up at a community space in my neighborhood called the Lilypad. I’ll write more about that later.