Part Two of Old Blocks I Never Printed, And When I Say Old I Mean Like 2 Months Old, And That I Just Printed

January 12, 2012

Did you know there’s a part two?  Well, there is.   I got a little winded yesterday and my hand cramped up from clutching that brayer with such power.   Also, these two blocks were bigger than yesterday’s, so laziness is definitely a factor.

I’m still using Caligo Safe-Wash relief inks.  Turns out it was a good idea.  Erica’s blog has some pictures of our cats getting into the inks.  While Rocksteady didn’t appreciate the squeeze he was in to wash the ink of his paws, it was pretty easy to remove with just soap and a little water.  I sent the manufacturers an e-mail a while back asking how safe these inks are around pets and while they wouldn’t tell me it’s perfectly safe around our cats, they assured me it went through the testing to determine it was non-toxic to humans.  The most important part of this is that it was incredibly easy to wash off the cat’s delicate paws.  While I’m talkin about it, i should mention that Erica is has begun this new year with a resolution to be somehow creative or inquisitive each day and write about the experience.  So keep up with her blog!  She’s 11 days in and going strong!  It’s pretty awesome.

I can’t say too much about the imagery really.  I’m still learning woodblock as an artform and getting a hang of what this kind of mark-making can do for my drawing.  I’m really excited about it.

The reference materials I use range from photographs I took/found of my friends and family mixed with images I’ve collected from various sources, mostly from the internet.  I understand that there are few images that seem to incorporate symbols, but to be honest I really haven’t formulated any sort of dictionary to define it.  I’m going with what feels right and with what makes sense to me.  I can’t sit and think too much about images that I invest so much time in.  For example, the seated figure took about a month to draw out and plan and carve and then it sat for a while, I got a little sick of looking at it and then another month, month and a half later I printed it.

Sounds like i hate this process, but to be honest I embrace printmaking because I enjoy the zen of working in a sequential manner.  I like working with a system of steps to create something.  I love cooking.  I love making coffee.


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