Quilt Flyer

November 18, 2011

Hey, i’m trying to get more printmaking in my life.  This the most recent action.



That’s one of patrick casey’s woodcuts back there.  Erica and i finally got it framed. 


It was a quick little project. 

Before this guy, I worked on another Homegrown festival poster.  I’ll have photos of that process up soon!  These two are the first couple silkscreens I’ve done working with photosensitive emulsion.  It ended up being a lot easier than i imagined.  I set up a 300w bulb in a reflector lamp clamped to a tripod.  I had about an hour and fifteen minute exposure using oiled photocopies as stats.  works pretty well.  Getting the emulsion out of the screen has been a problem. 

Designing and printing hese concert flyers have been experiments with the technique which i hope to extend into my fine art work.   Should be fun.

Also, this show should be fun! 


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