i got inspired. carved/grinded out some woodblocks.

started printing with a spoon.  it hurt my thumbs, so i moved onto using a doorknob.

i’m making print work that i feel good about.  it’s been a while!


on Sunday, March 13th, i went out Muskat Studios and Brickbottom Artists Association to check out an exhibition, a collection of printmaking work from Poland, Serbia, Slovakia and Hungary.  I got a chance to talk to the project coordinator/curator, Alex Kirillov, who also graduated from MassArt’s printmaking department.  He had received an award and traveled to four major art academies in eastern Europe and collected work from students and faculty with the hope of helping making connections between artists across the world.

so, i really dragged my feet on writing about this show.  it was a little humbling.  the passion matched the technical know-how of the artists i saw at these two galleries.  in some cases, these artists have a pretty difficult time rounding up supplies specific for printmaking.  i have everything i could ask for to make a great body of work.  i still have somerset and rives paper left over from my time at Massart from 6 years ago.

i have to give myself a little credit though.  i’ve put a good dent in that lately.  i spent the next couple weeks after this show working on some woodblocks

oh yeah, sorry about the quality of these images.  you get the idea, though, right?