this post, a little different from the previous.

here, i try to resolve compositional and conceptual issues.  some of this drawing is part a plan for another project i haven’t fully developed and has led to less than desirable results.

the text in these particular drawings has kind of an ambiguous role.

they are words that exist both in english and in hungarian.  in some cases their pronunciation is different and in all cases the definitions are different.

hold means moon in hungarian.

most means now in hungarian

bent means inside in hungarian

test means body in hungarian.

and mind means all in hungarian.


i’ve been working on stuff, i assure you.  i just haven’t got a clue out it all fits together.

i’ve been writing about my work a little.  or at least amassing a list of questions i have to myself about my process.

here’s some sketchbook stuff. more to follow.