HOMEGROWN II Silkscreen Project

October 15, 2010

so, my buddy dan shea calls me up a couple weeks ago and asks me if i have any interest in putting together a promotional bill for the second Homegrown Underground Music Festival.  Last years, the first, was held at The Church over in Fenway.  This year’s is held at The Temple all the way in Jamaica Plain.  From church to temple.

the fest starts today as a matter of fact.

anyway, dan shea’s been giving me a lot of opportunities to contribute my artistic vision to whatever show or event he’s booking/promoting without ever actually following through.  so, i just couldn’t turn him down.  i needed to get my ass in gear and churn out some prints.  i hadn’t taken on a silkscreen poster project since my days in the printmaking department at MassArt.

for my process, i decided to do a three color silkscreen on top of a photocopied design on 100lb, 11inx17in paper.  Since the poster is for a festival, there is a lot of text that needs to be legible and since i never hand drew screens with so much text, i decided to take some liberties with how i put this flyer together.  By having most of my text on the photocopy, i could concentrate more on printing other design elements.

i hand drew and wrote everything and then scanned it and brought it into Photoshop and Illustrator.  From there i created a color seperation, printed it out and traced them onto the screens.  Then with drawing fluid and screen filler, i created my screens.  i hadn’t used this method of fluid n’ filler in about ten years and i gotta say, it’s a lot easier than i remember it being. MassArt’s printmaking facilities had spoiled me rotten with their 6ft by 8ft, vaccum-seal light table and their photo emulsion and their spray booth and what have you.

anyway, here are some photos of my printing process.

i couldn’t have completed these in time without erica’s help! thank you, erica!


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