Paintings Of Hands, Drawings Of Armed Hungarian/Smoking Adam

July 20, 2010

So, after being inspired by the work of friends i sat down and got busy.

you probably don’t recognize these.  that’s fine, that’s for the best.  these were two if the wood pieces i posted last month.

they’ve more or less just been started over.  but, yeah. these are the state they are in currently and i dare say i like them!

This guy’s on paper and brand new.  that’s my good pal Adam lighting a cigarette.  he doesn’t like eggs or the beasts that push em out.

This guy’s not new.  I don’t know if i mentioned before, but this is a drawing from that book of production stills of that hungarian actor.  i find that if i don’t touch a painting long enough i can separate myself from it.  i can look at it objectively.  kinda like letting food/beverage ferment and when you open up that vat of cabbage and skim off the mold you find delicious sauerkraut underneath.

Again, hungarian actor, sauerkraut, blah blah blah.

this is a detail of the previous drawing.  that’s a frying pan that does very little frying.

i had erica buzz my head last week.  it was a good call.  they’re calling this july record breaking cos the heat. new england knows how to lay it on thick and to which i respond with a wipe of my sweat rag.

no hair has let my brain breathe.  and breathe it has.


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