Printmaking, Faces Blocks, March 2010

March 14, 2010

so, i haven’t printed much in a while.  i graduated from linoleum carving after i got a decent set of carving tools and some birch plywood.

my press still isn’t as efficient as i would like it to be and for the time being i’m reserved to creating a grid of prints on a piece of paper if i want to make an image that’s larger that roughly a 6in square.  also, the design for this press wasn’t my own.  i saw this great youtube video featuring a man and his press made of pipe-fittings and particle board.  i tried to contact him to no avail, but i was able to figure out what materials he used without his feedback.

my press’s design is different from the video.  i made it bigger and with more supports along the length of the base in an effort to make it more efficient, however, as i mentioned before, it could use a little more work.

here are the blocks lined up as i intend to print them.  today i was only proofing the individual blocks.

i need to construct a proper inking slab next.

i scanned the last image in and pieced two parts together in Ph.  i hope to put some more work into the press next weekend or attempt to print all the blocks together.

or maybe i’ll start something new and leave this half started.

we’ll see how laziness strikes me next weekend.

One Response to “Printmaking, Faces Blocks, March 2010”

  1. Tőkés István said


    Nagyon élveztem elolvasni a bloggodat. Csak tegyél több képet!!!

    Rég nem látott barátod,

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